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Moscow — St Petersburg

1 day. Moscow

Arrival in Moscow. Meet & greet and transfer to the hotel to check-in.

2 day. Moscow

Start your unforgettable journey with the city- sightseeing tour!

Inc.: Panoramic city tour (including photo stop on Red Square)
Moscow is the capital of Russia & one of the biggest metropolis of the world. 9 millions inhabitants every day from 1 to 1,5 million visitors. It’s centre of Russian Orthodox Church. There are more than 130 temples in the city. Moscow’s history dates back to 1147, when Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy established the first small outpost on the banks of the Moscow river. During the tour you will see all majors sights of the city: embankment of Moscow river, monument of Peter the Great, Novodevichiy convent, Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer and you will enjoy the best view over Moscow from University square on the Sparrow Hills.

After the city tour you will see the Moscow Metro!

Inc.: Moscow Metro
Moscow Metro — the world’s largest and most efficient metro system with gleaming stations hidden deep underground and astonishingly decorated with elegant marble, glittering chandeliers, magnificent mosaics and gilded works of art. It is the soul of the new Russia and an intriguing mix of history and politics, business and culture.

Opt.: Moscow river cruise.
Moscow is situated on the banks of the Moscow river. It is more than 500 km long. Take a river-cruise to enjoy the amazing views of the central part of Moscow. You will see Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral, Tretiakov gallery and one of the Seven Sisters, Sparrow Hills and Gorky Park.

No visits are included, all highlights from outside.

Opt.: Folkshow “Kostroma”.
Daily from June 15th to September 15th in Folk theatre “Russian national ballet “Kostroma” presents “The Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma”, the programme that reveals the history of Rus' and the life of its peoples where the infinite of time and horizons broaden the boundless means of the art of dance! Vital historical milestones, traditions and customs of the multinational Russia expose originality of the hundreds of cultures of the united people of Russia plunging the audience in the times of christening of Rus', tsar’s Russia and USSR, revealing the life of the people living in the Far North, in the southern steppes, in the mountains of the Caucasus and in the Central Russia.

End of the tour at the hotel to check-in and overnight.

3 day. Moscow

Inc.: Sightseeing of Moscow inc. Kremlin grounds with cathedrals
The Moscow Kremlin is situated in the very centre of the capital of Russia. It’s the monumental walls & towers, golden domes cathedrals & ancient palaces stand high on the Borovitsky Hill above the Moscow river forming a magnificent architectural ensemble. Since 1991, the Kremlin has been the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

Opt.: Moscow circus
Moscow Circus, or Nikulin's Circus The circus is one of the oldest circuses in Russia. The circus building was opened as the Solomonsky Circus on 20 October 1880. Among the famous performers who worked there were the clowns Karandash, Oleg Popov, and Yuri Nikulin. Nikulin managed the company for fifteen years, and it has borne his name since his death in 1997. In front of the building is a remarkable statue of Nikulin, whose son has managed the circus since his death.

4 day. Moscow - St. Petersburg

Transfer to train station. Sapsan speed train to Saint Petersburg, 2nd class (seating, no meals included).

Arrival in Saint Petersburg. Meet your local guide and start your visit with city sight-seeing tour!

Inc.: Panoramic tour of Saint-Petersburg in the afternoon.
Drive along the Nevsky prospect, the city's main boulevard and also see the Peter & Paul Fortress – an excellent example of early 18-th century architecture, where from Peter the Great on all the Russian Emperors are buried. Enjoy the classical ensembles of the Senate Square with its famous “Bronze Horseman”, the St.Isaac’s Cathedral & the building of the Senate & Synod, the cathedral’s cupola & the spire of the Admiralty, Church on Blood, cruiser "Aurora", Vasilievsky island, and all other major sights of the city.

Transfer to the hotel to check-in.

5 day. St. Petersburg

We continue our city tour by visiting The Peter & Paul Fortress and The Hermitage!

Inc.: Peter & Paul Fortress
Peter & Paul Fortress was founded by Peter in 1703. Besides the ancient fortifications, on the grounds of the fortress one can visit the St.Peter and Paul Cathedral of the early 18th century (architect D.Trezzini) with the burial vault of Peter the Great and other Russian tsars, the museum in Trubetskoy Bastion prison, expositions: “The History of St.Petersburg”, “The History of the Imperial Mint”, “Pechatnya (Printing Workshop)”, museum on space exploration and missilery; excursion route “Panorama of the Neva” – over the roofs of the fortress’ bastions and curtains.

Inc.: The Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage Museum is housed in the four former palaces of the czars on one of the Neva’s embankments in the very heart of the city. Lavishly decorated and fastidiously maintained since the days of Catherine the Great, these large gilded rooms contain works of art of great value. Today it’s one of the world’s largest museums, which contains works of art by Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rubens, French impressionists, as well as various objects of applied art, coins, medals, and other treasures from antiquity to the present. They say, that if you study each item in the collection for just 10 seconds, a complete tour will still take 2,5 years!

Opt.: Visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral.
One of the finest architectural monuments of the 19th century (architect A. Montferrand), the former principal cathedral of the Russian capital, the largest cathedral in the city able to accommodate about 10,000 audience. The cathedral is graced with 112 solid granite columns weighing up to 114 tons each, and about 400 relieves and bronze sculptures. The observation platform on the colonnade provides a magnificent view of the city.

Opt.: Church on Spilled Blood.
Built in 1907 as a memorial church to horror Russian emperor Alexander II, just on the spot of crucial terrorist attempt upon him. A sample of ‘Russian style’ architecture and decorative art at the edge of the 19-20th centuries. Mosaic attire of the church (over 7,000 sq.m) was created to the design of 30 artists, among them V.Vasnetsov, M.Nesterov, A.Ryabushkin, V.Belyaev, N.Kharlamov.

6 day. St. Petersburg

Opt.: Pushkin, Catherine Palace. 
Tsarskoye Selo (formerly known as Pushkin) is one of St. Petersburg's numerous Imperial estates. Located just 25 kilometres south of the city, the estate boasts a large landscape park, dotted with architectural follies, and centred on the magnificent blue, white and gold Catherine Palace. Named after its creator, Empress Catherine, the second wife of Peter the Great, the original palace was built between 1717 and 1723 by the architect Braunstein and later richly decorated by the architect Francesco Bartholomeo Rastrelli. The Catherine Palace houses some beautiful Baroque interiors, including the luxurious Grand Hall, a long, gold, mirrored ballroom. The Palace also boasts a unique Amber Room, whose priceless amber panels were stolen by Nazi troops during WWII, but which are now being painstakingly recreated by Russian craftsmen.

Opt.: Peterhof.
Peterhof is jewel of the Russian art, a town of parks, palaces and fountains. In the past it used to be an exquisite summer residence of Russian tsars. Upper Garden and Lower Park, genuine masterpieces of landscape design, number over 150 fountains, 4 monumental cascades. On the territory of the reserve in winter, there are 9 working museums: The Grand Palace, Catherine’s Block, Hermitage, the Benois family museum, Cottage, the bath Block, the Museum of Collection, the exposition of the Special Treasury and the private of Catherine the Great in the Block-under – the Armcoat of the Grand Palace.

Opt.: Folkshow in Nikolaevsky Palace.
The Nicholas Palace was built for son of Emperor Nikolay I, Grand Duke Nikolay. It is unique by its architectural design and history. The show is performed by the professional folk companies: Russian folk ensemble, Cossack song and dance company, Belorussian ensemble. The show lasts for about two hours. It consists of two parts. In the intermission the refreshments are served. Guests are treated to fruit, canapes with caviar red and black, ham, smoked sausage, cheese; also, strong and soft drinks: Russian vodka, champagne, mineral water, juice.

7 day. St. Petersburg.

Assistance in the hotel for departure transfers.




23, Novoslobodskaya St, Moscow     
Novotel Moscow Centre combines convenience and comfort in the centre of town. This 4-star central hotel is the perfect choice for your business or leisure trip. Just 15 minutes from the Kremlin and in easy access to Moscow major International airports. Two metro stations are at the doorstep of the hotel.


89, Nevsky pr/4 lit A Goncharnaya st., St. Petersburg      
Located on the city's main street and within walking distance of popular tourist and historical sites, this hotel in St. Petersburg is ideal for both the busy executive and the couple on holiday.


Package price per person:

Group #

Package Price per person
(double occupancy)

Single supplement
LEY 0521 15.05 — 21.05.2019 EURO 1075 EURO 430
LEY 0528 22.05 — 28.05.2019 EURO 1075 EURO 430
LEY 0618 12.06 — 18.06.2019 EURO 1075 EURO 430
LEY 0625 19.06 — 25.06.2019 EURO 1075 EURO 430
LEY 0716 10.07 — 16.07.2019 EURO 975 EURO 330
LEY 072317.07 — 23.07.2019 EURO 975EURO 330
LEY 081307.08 — 13.08.2019 EURO 975EURO 330
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LEY 091004.09 — 10.09.2019 EURO 1030EURO 385
LEY 091711.09 — 17.09.2019 EURO 1030EURO 385


Package price includes:

3 overnights in 4 star hotel, St. Petersburg, in double room, BB buffet;
3 overnights in 4 star hotel, Moscow, in double room, BB buffet;
Entrance to Peter & Paul Fortress, Hermitage Museum, Kremlin grounds incl. cathedrals, Moscow metro;
Service of tour escorts on all tours;
Service of 1st class motor coaches or 1st class minivans throughout the itinerary;
Sapsan speed train from St. Petersburg to Moscow, 2 class seating, NO meals included;
Luggage handling at hotels and railway stations;
Service & VAT.

The price for this tour
(including accomodation, meal & transfers according to program)
from 975

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