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From metro station "Vasileostrovskaya" go right to Sredny Avenue of Vasilievsky Ostrov. After 100 meters, turn left at the first traffic light, for the 5th line. Go straight until you see the yellow fence of the restaurant "Shannon" on the left. In front of you there will be a three-storey yellow building with a balcony. There will be a door to the left of the balcony (code: 38). Go up to the 2nd floor. We are the door on the right with the sign 'Krugozor Expo Travel'.

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Payment Policy and Payment Security, Confidentiality of Information. Close.

Payment Policy and Payment Security, Confidentiality of Information 

Bank card payments are effected via Alfa-Bank JSC.


MIR, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.


 Online payment services are governed by the Rules of Visa and MasterCard international payment systems, wherein confidentiality and payment security are ensured by advanced data validation, encryption and transfer methods using secure communication channels. You will be requested to enter the bank card details on a secure payment page of ALFA-BANK JSC.

On the entry bank details page you will need to enter bank card number, name of the card holder, card expiry date, and three-digit security code (CVV2 for VISA or CVC2 for MasterCard). The necessary information is printed on the card.

Three-digit security code is three digits printed on the reverse side of the card.

Next you will be directed to the page of your bank where you will be asked to enter the 3DSecure code forwarded to you in a text message. If you did not receive the 3DSecure code, contact the card issuing bank.


Cases for refusal of payment:

- your bank card is not intended for online payments; contact the card issuing bank for information;
- there is not enough money in your account. Contact the card issuing bank to check your account balance;
- you entered the bank card details incorrectly;
- your bank card validity term has expired. The expiry date of your card (month and year of expiry) is usually shown on the front side of your card.

Contact the card issuing bank to check your card’s validity period.

If you have any questions regarding bank card payments or other website-related matters, call +7 (812) 335-20-15.

Your personal details (name, address, phone number, email, bank card number) are confidential and shall not be disclosed to any other party. Your credit card details are transferred in encrypted form only, and are not stored on our web server.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Bank card payments are not subject to hard cash refunds. The refunds procedure is governed by the rules of international payment systems.

The purchase return procedure is defined by Article 26.1 of the Federal Law “Concerning Protection of Consumer Rights”.

To receive a refund to your bank card account, please fill out the Refund Application Form which the Company will send to your email upon request. Send the filled out form and a copy of the applicant’s passport to office@krugozor-expo.ru.

Refund will be credited to your bank card account within 21 (twenty-one) business days from the date of Refund Application Form receipt by the Company.

To refund a payment error, provide a written application with attached copies of your passport and receipts confirming erroneous transfers. Send these documents to office@krugozor-expo.ru.

The refund amount will be equal to your purchase. Your application and refund processing upon receipt of the application by the Company and is calculated in working days, excluding weekends and holidays.

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