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Finland, here we come!

Destination: the Kotka-Hamina region

The idea to connect exhibition visit in St Petersburg and a business trip to Finland came to us in 2011. Our first experience was a trip with a group of 20 professionals in the cleaning industry from all over Russia, in April 2011. The exhibition company "PrimExpo", agency of business development of the region "Kotka-Hamina" Cursor, the sponsor of a trip – the Katrin trademark became our partners in the organization of a trip.

A busy agenda

Joining our efforts, we put together a very busy program. The business side of it included visiting best company-representatives of the dry-cleaning and laundry industry in Finland, attending business seminars, and networking among the Finnish, Swedish and Russian companies-participants.

However, we know that the counterpart of every successful business is the ability to rest productively, so we devoted one day just to that. Our destination was Helsinki, our mission - to have fun! Apart from the main tourist attractions of this magnificent Finnish capital, we visited the Imperial fishing hut in the village of Langinkoski, near Kotka, which served as a summer holiday ‘hideout' to Russian tsar Alexander III and his wife, Maria Fyodorovna. The hit of the trip was a tour of the village, lead by a professional actor, impersonating the tsar's contemporary. To crown the trip, a truly regal gala dinner was thrown in the historic mansion - the party even Alexander would not have been ashamed to attend.

Destination: the Kotka-Hamina region, in April 2011 Destination: the Kotka-Hamina region, in April 2011 Destination: the Kotka-Hamina region, in April 2011 Destination: the Kotka-Hamina region, in April 2011 Destination: the Kotka-Hamina region, in April 2011
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Let's meet more often!

«Our trip has shown that in addition to the knowledge and experience that all participants got from our Finnish colleagues, equally important was the chance to network and establish connections within the group. Where else we would have had an opportunity to meet professionals from Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Petrozavodsk, Moscow, St Petersburg, Togliatti, Perm Penza and Tallinn?! We all recognized this amazing networking opportunity that was organized for us by Krugozor Expo Travel.» Victoria Kozlova, Project Manager, Primexpo

General Director of "New Land"
We express our deep gratitude and appreciation for so many fine memories from this enjoyable and exciting trip: the profesionalism of Monica and general manager of the hotel, our business colleagues and many fun moments that we shared together. Thank you, we will definitely be looking forward to working with you again.
Approximate price for such trip from 12 000 RUB per person