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St. Petersburg — Novgorod

1 day. St. Petersburg

Arrival to St. Petersburg.
Transfer to the hotel. Check in
Dinner at the hotel

2 day. St. Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel 
9:00 St. Petersburg guided sightseeing tour. You will be introduced to the greatest marvel of Russia’s past & present, known to the world as the " Northern Capital of Russia" & " The Venice of the North". St. Petersburg downtown dazzles the eye of a visitor with splendid palaces, stylish monuments, straight avenues, beautiful bridges. St. Petersburg is filled with history & mystery. Your tour will cover all of the highlights of the city, we will drive along the Nevsky avenue — the heart of the city and make picture stops at the Spit of the Basil Island, the Senates Square and the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Art Square and the Russian museum as well we at the two magnificent churches: Our Savior of the Spilt Blood & the Nikolsky Cathedral. 
12:00 Lunch at the restaurant «Prince Vladimir» 
14:00 Visit Hermitage museum. The Hermitage, as its name suggests, is a solitary place, the dwelling of a hermit. The Hermitage does in fact occupies several buildings in addition to the Winter Palace. There is the Little Hermitage which houses Catherine’s original collection, the Old Hermitage which was specially built to provide space for Catherine the Great’s growing collection, the Hermitage Theater which was Catherine the Great’s private theater linked with the Old Hermitage by a small bridge and a new Hermitage built in 1839 to house more works of art. Today it’s one of the world’s largest museums, which contains works of art by Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rubens, French impressionists. The collection of the museum numbers over 3 million items and displayed in 400 halls of the museum.
18:00 Return to the hotel
20:00 Dinner at the hotel

3 day. St. Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel
8:30 Pick up at the hotel
9:45 Visit Peterhof including Grand Palace & Lower park. Peterhof is jewel of the Russian art, a town of parks, palaces and fountains. In the past it used to be an exquisite summer residence of Russian tsars. Upper Garden and Lower Park, genuine masterpieces of landscape design, number over 150 fountains, 4 monumental cascades. On the territory of the reserve in winter, there are 9 working museums: The Grand Palace, Catherine’s Block, Hermitage, the Benois family museum, Cottage, the bath Block, the Museum of Collection, the exposition of the Special Treasury and the private of Catherine the Great in the Block-under — the Armcoat of the Grand Palace.
12:30 Lunch at the restaurant " Grand Orangery"
15:00 Return to the hotel
20:00 Dinner at the hotel

OPTION for the evening
   18:00 Pick up at the hotel
   18:30 Folk show & buffet in Nickolas Palacel
   21:00 Dinner in Nickolas Palacel
   23:30 Return to the hotel

4 day. St. Petersburg — Novgorod

Breakfast at the hotel
8:00 Pick up at the hotel
11:30 Guided Novgorod sightseeing tour. You will see one of the most ancient cities in Russia that still keeps the huge amount of the architectural monuments of the XI — XVII centuries. This city is called the museum of the Old Russia. During the city tour you will visit through the ancient streets of the city, visit the Savior Church and listen to the church music in the Antoniev monastery church.
13:00 Lunch at the restaurant «Detinec»
15:00 Visit Novgorod Kremlin. The Kremlin in Novgorod (its construction began in 1044) is not in the tightly-filled city center but on the contrary it is still surrounded by a deep ditch. It was a fortress up to the year 1720. The Church of Sergiy Radonezhskiy is the only remained in Novgorod and North-Western Russia building which towers above one gate. St. Sophia`s Cathedral in Novgorod is the oldest monument of Russian architecture on the Russian territory and it is close to the architectural desire of the Kiev Cathedral. It has remained its original shape till nowadays. There are a lot of unique churches in Velikiy Novgorod built in different centuries. Not far from the city there is also Uriev Monastery.
21:00 Return to the hotel
21:30 Dinner at the hotel

5 day. St. Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel
12:00 Check out
Transfer to the airport. Departure

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