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Хотите заглянуть в загадочную русскую душу? Мы расскажем вам, во что русские верили в разные века. За что готовы были умирать. И ради чего жить.

Museum of Old Russian Culture and Art named after Andrei Rublev

Icon painting constituted the core of Old Russian culture until the end of the 17th century when in the Petrine era it was supplanted by secular forms of fine art. To get acquainted with the masterpieces of the Russian school of icon painting we invite you to the Andrei Rublev Museum located within the walls of the Andronikov Monastery, where the great icon painter worked and was buried. In the difficult Soviet years the museum staff saved priceless works of ancient Russian art from death taking them out of abandoned churches and museums of local lore, where they did not know how to store works that were dubious from the point of view of the ideology of that time. It led to the formation of a unique collection. The excursion will acquaint you with the icons of the XIII-early XVIII centuries, with the origins of the appearance of icons in Russia, the technique of their creation, stylistics and changes in artistic traditions and the nature of the icon image, with the work of masters of ancient art centers - Novgorod, Pskov, Moscow, Rostov, Tver, famous icon painters Andrei Rublev, Dionisy, Simon Ushakov, as well as new art centers in Russia in the 17th and early 20th centuries.

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is a modern cultural and educational project, whose permanent exhibition is very different from traditional museum sites. You will find yourself in an interactive space where, with the help of panoramic cinemas, audiovisual installations, interactive screens, you will get acquainted with the culture of the ancient monotheistic religion and the history of the Jewish community in Russia. You will learn what the "Pale of Settlement" is and visit the "shtetl", so called the habitats of Jews in tsarist Russia. You will sit at a table in a real Odessa cafe and hear about the participation of the Jewish population in the revolution, which, having presented Jews with a lot of new opportunities and freedoms, turned Judaism, however, into a "double enemy" - both as a religion and as a support for national identity. You will find a story about Stalin's anti-Semitic campaigns and the "Doctors' case", attitudes towards Jews in Soviet society and the history of emigration.

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