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It is not necessary to go on a two week trip on the Transsib to know more about Russia. There is Tula waiting for you just a few hours drive from Moscow! Hardly any other city can boast such a diverse heritage: weapon factories, harmonicas, gingerbread and samovars. Tula is a homeland of Demidof, Tolstoy and Veresayev! Join our little trip and start your acquaintance with such a multifaceted city!


  • Departure from Moscow to Tula by coach (3 hours). Excursion on the way.
  • Arrival in Tula
  • Excursion to the State Weapons Museum created in 1775 under the Order of Catherine the Great located on the territory of Tula Kremlin
  • Lunch in Russian restaurant
  • City-sightseeing tour around Tula (no visits)
  • Departure to Yasnaya Polyana (Tula-Yasnaya Polyana – 15 km/30 min)
  • Tour of the Museum-estate of Lev Tolstoy including visits: The house of Leo Tolstoy, The Park, The grave of Leo Tolstoy
  • Transfer to Moscow

Tula. Tula. The Kremlin. Tula. Tula. Tula. Kremlin grounds. Tula. Yasnaya Polyana.
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  • Tula is a capital of artisans located on the banks of the Upa river just three hours drive from Moscow. It is a motherland of the richest Russian industrialists Demidov and literary Lefty. Tula has always been famous for weapons, gingerbread and samovars. You will get acquainted with the history of Tula arms business in the oldest Weapons Museum founded in 1873. The foundation of the fundamental collection of the museum was laid by Peter I who ordered to save the most successful and beautiful weapons. After lunch you will continue your sightseeing tour around Tula historical center with its numerous monuments (including two-meter monument to Tula gingerbread) and see the oldest building in the city – the famous Tula Kremlin.

  • Museum-reserve “Yasnaya Polyana” is the place where the estate of Leo Tolstoy is located. He was born and buried there. He spent more than 50 years in this place and wrote his most famous works like “War and Peace" and" Anna Karenina” there. The house of the writer, which you will visit during your excursion, was turned into a museum in 1921 through the efforts of his children. It has preserved the original setting, the writer's personal belongings, and his library. You will also have an opportunity to stroll along the famous Yasnaya Polyana park, learn about the first school for peasant children, as well as visit the grave of the writer.
  • The cost of such an event from 65 euro per pax (in groups from 30 pax)

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