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Moscow — Vladimir — Suzdal — St.Petersburg

1 day. Moscow

Arrival. Meet & greet. Assisted transfer to the hotel to check-in.

Dinner in hotel.

2 day. Moscow

10:00 Pick up at the hotel

Full day sightseeing tour including visit Novodevichiy convent

Moscow guided sightseeing tour:

During the tour you will see all major sights of the city – embankment of Moscva river, monument of Peter the Great, Novodevichy convent, cathedral of Christ the Redeemer, Bolshoi theatre, and you will enjoy the best view over Moscow with your feet on the ground from University square on the Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovie Gory), formerly the Lenin Hills. Most of the city spreads out before you. Immediately behind University square rises the 36-storey Stalinesque main spire of Moscow University, visible from most places in the city thanks to its elevated site

15:30 Return to the hotel

20:00 Dinner at the hotel

3 day. Moscow

Breakfast at the hotel

10:00 Full day tour including Kremlin grounds with Cathedrals

The Kremlin is the kernel of its city and country, the place to which all Russian roads lead and from which most Russian power emanates. Here Ivan the Terrible and Stalin orchestrated their terrors; Napoleon watched Moscow burn; Lenin fashioned the dictatorship of the proletariat; Khrushchev led communism in the Cold War; Gorbachev unleashed perestroika; and Yeltsin struggled to keep reform afloat. Today the white, blue and red Russian flag flies over the Kremlin.

13:00 Visit Red Square

Red Square lies just outside the Kremlin’s north-east wall. It used to be a market square and has always been a place the Kremlin’s occupants chose to make points to their people. The name Krasnaya ploshchad has nothing to do with either communism or the blood that’s flowed here. Krasnyy originally meant beautiful.

Lenin’s granite tomb stands at the foot of the Kremlin wall. From 1953 to 1961 Lenin shared the tomb with Stalin, who when alive initiated the tradition that Soviet leaders stand atop the tomb to inspect the annual May Day and & 7 November parades. From the tomb you emerge into a plot beneath the Kremlin wall where the remains of many more Soviet-era luminaries lie.

St. Basil’s Cathedral rises like at the south end of the Red Square. Despite its Oriental-looking turban domes, the cathedral is in fact the culmination in brick of a wholly Russian style that had been developed in building wooden churches.

No visits are included, all highlights from outside.

16:00 Return to the hotel

20:00 Dinner at the hotel

4 day. Moscow – Sergiev Posad – Vladimir – Suzdal

Check out

8:30 Sergiev Posad is the town around the Trinity Monastery of St.Sergius (Troitse-Sergieva Lavra), one of Russia’s most important religious and historical landmarks and a place of both spiritual and nationalist pilgrimage. It is 60 km from the edge of Moscow on the Yaroslavl road. The Monastery was founded in about 1340 by Sergius of Radonezh, a monk who wielded enough moral authority to unite the country against Mongol Tatar.

TRINITY CATHEDRAL (Troitsky sobor), built in the 1420s, is a heart of the monastery and in its way the heart of Russian Orthodoxy. Most of the icons are by the great medieval painter Andrey Rublyov.

13:00 Drive to Vladimir.

This town was founded by Vladimir Monomakh of Kiev in 1108 as a fort in the Rostov-Suzdal principality that he gave to one of his younger sons, Yuri Dolgorukiy. Under Yury’s son AndreyBogolyubov it became the capital of the principality in 1157 and the capital of all KievanRus after Andrey sacked Kiev in 1169. The head of Russian church resided here from 1300 to 1326 but then shifted to Moscow.

Assumption Cathedral: It is simple but majestic in form and adorned with fine carving. In the 1470s the Italian architect was instructed to use it as a model when he planned the Moscow Kremlin’s own Assumption cathedral. The Cathedral is a working church.

Cathedral of St. Dmitry: It is the only surviving part of Vsevolod III’s palace complex. Inside, on the larger central vault beneath the princely gallery on the west side, are some beautiful 12th century frescoes of apostoles and angels, almost certainly by Byzantine artists.

19:00 Arrival to Suzdal( 27 km from Vladimir). Accommodation in the hotel.

20:00 Dinner at the hotel

Vladimir. Assumpion cathedral

5 day. Suzdal – Moscow – St. Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 Check out.

Suzdal guided sightseeing tour.

Suzdal, 27 km North of Vadimir, is special not just its locely old monasteries, convents and churches but also because they haven’t been strangled by 20th century ugliness, noise and pollution. Suzdal is uniquely peaceful among Russian tourists towns, First mention in 1024, Suzdal was made the capital of the Rostov-Suzdal principality by Yuri Dolgoruliy in the first half of the 12th century.

Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius is Suzdal’s biggest monastery, founded to protect the town’s northern entry in the 14th century. Inside, a tall 16th to 17th century bell tower stands before the seven-domed Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior. Every hour a 10-minute concert of chimes is given on the ball tower’s bells – well worth hearing. The cathedral was built in the 1590s in 12th to 13th century Vladimir-Suzdal style.

Drive back to Moscow. Transfer to the railway station.

18:30 Departure to St. Petersburg by the 1 class train. Packed dinner in the train

23:00 Arrival to St. Petersburg. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation in the hotel.

Savior Monastery

6 day. St. Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel

9:00 St. Petersburg guided sightseeing tour including visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral

You will be introduced to the greatest marvel of Russia’s past & present, known to the world as the “ Northern Capital of Russia” & “ The Venice of the North”. St. Petersburg downtown dazzles the eye of a visitor with splendid palaces, stylish monuments, straight avenues, beautiful bridges. St. Petersburg is filled with history & mystery. Your tour will cover all of the highlights of the city, we will drive along the Nevsky avenue – the heart of the city and make picture stops at the Spit of the Basil Island, the Senates Square and the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Art Square and the Russian museum as well we at the two magnificent churches: Our Savior of the Spilt Blood & the Nikolsky Cathedral.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral.One of the finest architectural monuments of the 19th century, the former principal cathedral of the Russian capital, the largest cathedral in the city able to accommodate about 10,000 audience. The cathedral is graced with 112 solid granite columns weighing up to 114 tons each, and about 400 relieves and bronze sculptures.

13:30 Visit Hermitage museum

The State Hermitage is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. The collection occupies more than 350 halls in 5 different buildings including the Winter Palace, the former residence of the Russian tsars. The buildings of the Museum alone are by themselves valuable architectural monuments. The museum collection has over 3 million exhibits from prehistoric to modern times. Especially important are the collections of prehistoric exhibits, Egyptian art, Roman and Greek art, Scythian gold and Western European paintings and sculptures.

20:00 Dinner at the hotel

7 day. St. Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel

8:30 Pick up at the hotel

9:45 Visit Peterhof including Grand Palace & Lower park

Peterhof, a town of parks, palaces and fountains, is a jewel of Russian art. It is situated on the Gulf of Finland, 29 km west of St. Petersburg. It was built by Peter I as a summer residence of Russian tsars to commemorate the victory over Sweden.The Grand Palace, designed by Rastrelli, is a vast museum of lavish rooms and galleries.

The brilliant park ensemble of Peterhof includes the Upper and Lower Parks with 150 fountainsand 4 monumental cascades

13:30 Return to the hotel

OPTION: Rivers & canals of St. Petersburg

OPTION for the evening:

17:30 Pick up at the hotel

18:30 Folk show in Nickolas Palace

The Nikolaevsky Art-Center is placed in the Nikolaevsky Place and named after it. The Nicolas Palace was built for son of Emperor Nikolay I, Grand Duke Nikolay. Due to this fact, the current name of the former Grand duke’s residence is the Nikolaevsky Palace. It is unique by its architectural design and history. The show is performed in Nikolaevsky palace by the professional folk companies. The show lasts 1 hour 50 minutes. It consists of two parts. Dinner at the Nicolas Palace.

23:30 Return to the hotel

20:00 Dinner at the hotel

8 day. St. Petersburg

Breakfast at the hotel.

12.00 Check out time.

TBA Transfer to the airport. Departure.

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