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Two capitals & Golden Ring – 10 days

Are you ready to set off on a trip that will let you cognize a mysterious Russian soul? It’s not enough just to visit Moscow as there are two capitals in our country. Even the trip to Imperial Saint-Petersburg wouldn’t give you a full insight into this diverse land. This program includes eight cities and each of them is necessary for understanding history and culture of Russia. Besides both capitals we offer you to visit the most beautiful ancient Russian towns like Veliky Novgorod and the towns that are the part of the “Golden Ring” - Vladimir, Suzdal, Rostov Veliky, Pereyaslavl-Zalessky and Sergiev Posad. Their fabulous white-stone churches, ancient frescos and majestic fortresses have formed a strong foundation of Russian statehood, spirituality and culture.


  • Arrival in St. Petersburg and meeting with a local guide
  • Panoramic city sightseeing on the way to hotel
  • Check-in at hotel and overnight


  • City sightseeing with Peter & Paul Fortress visit
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Boat trip along rivers and canals


  • Morning tour to Peterhoff by hydrofoil and visits of Lower Gardens and Monplaisir Palace
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Afternoon excursion to the Hermitage


  • Check-out from the hotel
  • Morning tour to Pavlovsk and Paul’s Palace and the Park visit
  • Lunch at local Russian restaurant “Podvorye”
  • Transfer to Novgorod
  • Check-in at hotel


  • Check-out from the hotel
  • City tour of Novgorod with Kremlin and St. Sofia Cathedrals visits
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Excursion to Yaroslav Courtyard and Yuriev Monastery visit
  • Transfer to the train station. Get on the train. Overnight journey


  • Arrival in Vladimir
  • Breakfast
  • City tour of Vladimir town with entrances to Assumption Cathedral and St. Demetrious Cathedral
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Transfer to Suzdal)
  • Sightseeing tour of Suzdal with entrances to Suzdal Kremlin and Spaso-Efimiev Monastery
  • Check-in at the hotel


  • Departure to Rostov by bus (154 km)
  • Rostov city tour
  • Rostov Kremlin visit
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Tour to Borisoglebsky Monastery (20 km)
  • Check-in at the hotel


  • Departure to Pereyaslavl-Zalessky by bus (67 km)
  • Panoramic tour of the town
  • Continue to Sergiev Posad (70 km)
  • Excursion in Trinity-Sergiev Lavra
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Final destination of the day-Moscow (70 km)
  • Check-in at the hotel


  • Visit to Moscow Kremlin: Grounds and Cathedrals
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Moscow sightseeing tour


  • Check-out from hotel
  • Assisted transfer to the airport
  • Departure

Bogolubovo. Borisoglebsky monastery. Velikiy Novgorod. The Kremlin. Velikiy Novgorod. The Kremlin. Velikiy Novgorod. Yuriev Monastery. Velikiy Novgorod. Yaroslav Courtyard. Vladimir. Dmitry Cathedral. Vladimir. The Golden Gate. Vladimir. Cathedral of Assumption. Moscow. The Kremlin. Moscow, Kremlin embankment. Moscow. The Kremlin, Cathedral of the Dormition. Moscow. Novodevichiy monastery. Pereyaslavl Zalessky. Transfiguration cathedral. Rostov Velikiy. The Kremlin. Sergiev Posad, Trinity-Sergiev Lavra. Saint Petersburg. Pavlovsk palace & park. Saint Petersburg. Peterhof, Monplaisir palace. Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, the Grand Cascade. Saint Petersburg. Peter & Paul fortress. Saint Petersburg, boat ride. Saint Petersburg, the Hermitage. Suzdal, the Kremlin. Suzdal, Spaso-Efimiev Monastery.
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  • Saint Petersburg is the city on the river Neva, the cultural capital, the Northern Palmyra, the city of white nights, the cradle of the revolution… Plenty of names suit the city. Despite its young age (only 300 years old) Saint Petersburg has taken a very special place in history. Any sightseeing tour starts with the Peter and Paul Fortress, the first fortress-bastion and burial place of Russian Emperors. It is the oldest architectural site founded personally by Peter the Great on May 27th, 1703. The day of the foundation of the fortress is considered the city foundation day. After the sightseeing tour a boat cruise along the rivers and canals would be a great extension. This is the most interesting way to get acquainted with the Northern Venice that is located on 42 islands connected by 360 bridges. Next day a high-speed hydrofoil will take you to Peterhof, former summer residence of Russian Emperors, the town of parks and fountains. There you will visit one of the small cottages – Monplaisir. Created according to the drawings of Peter the Great this exquisite palace has kept the main part of its authentic decoration and furnishings and a lot of personal belongings of the first Russian Emperor. Acquaintance with the State Hermitage, one of the largest art cultural and historical museums, is waiting for you in the afternoon. The final day of the tour in the cultural capital you’ll spend in one of the most elegant countryside – Pavlovsk, where you’ll visit a magnificent landscape park, which stretches for 600 ha, and Palace of Paul I.

  • Veliky Novgorod is one most ancient towns in Russia where in 862 legendary prince Rurik started his reigning. Due it was not exposed to Mongol invasion, Novgorod managed to preserve unique monuments of Russian ancient architecture that you’ll visit during the tour. First of all, this is invaluable St. Sofia Cathedral – the main symbol of the town built in 1045 – 1050 years. It is securely hidden by the walls of the Kremlin of Novgorod, monument of the military - defensive architecture, included into the list of the world’s heritage of UNESCO. Then you’ll head to the right shore of the river Volkhov. There is Yaroslav Courtyard opposite the Kremlin. It was the place of trade and veche meeting of the first Republic in Russia. Yuriev Monastery will be the final point in your trip in Novgorod. This is one of the most ancient monasteries, as the legend says, founded by Yaroslav the Wise in 1030.

  • Vladimir is a sample of white-stone architecture of Ancient Russia. It is situated on the steep bank of the river Klyazma. Founded by Vladimir Monomakh in 1108, Vladimir still carefully keeps three survivor monuments of pre-Mongol architecture: the Cathedral of Assumption (1161 year), which was often compared with the Cathedral of Tsar Solomon in Jerusalem by the chroniclers of that time, the Dmitry Cathedral, famous for its white-stone carving, and Golden Gate - the triumphal arch, guarding the entrance to the prince's part of the city.

  • Suzdal is a real open-air museum founded in the 10th century. It is located on the picturesque shore of the river Kamenka. Absence of industrial enterprises makes it ecologically pure and ideally suitable for historical films shooting: more than 60 films have been shot in Suzdal and its environs. Here on the territory of 9 square kilometers there are more than 200 unique landmarks of Ancient Russian architecture. Visits to the Suzdal Kremlin and Spaso-Efimiev Monastery are awaiting for you here.

  • Rostov Velikiy is one of the ancient towns in Russia that dates from 862 year. Today it is called the cradle of Russian authentic architecture. It is also considered to be an orthodox capital and a real treasure of the “Golden Ring”. During the excursion you’ll visit the Rostov Kremlin that is situated on the shore of Lake Nero. There are more than 180 thousand valuable artifacts in its museum. Among them are ancient icons, coachers’ sleigh bells, throne cross (16th century). After lunch you’ll explore Borisoglebsky Monastery. Its architectural ensemble practically hasn’t changed since 17th century.

  • Pereyaslavl Zalessky, which is located on the bank of the large Plescheevo Lake, is the homeland of Alexander Nevsky and Russian fleet. A short excursion of the old town is waiting for you here. Besides five monastery complexes and dozen old churches there is one of the most ancient monuments of North-Eastern Russia - the Transfiguration Cathedral dating back to the 12th century.

  • Sergiev Posad is one of the spiritual centers in contemporary Russia. Its heart is Trinity-Sergiev Lavra. The first Father Superior of the monastery Sergiy Radonezhsky was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church and became one of the most venerated Russian saints. Architectural ensemble of the courtyard was created in 15th – 19th century and it represents a combination of different styles. During the tour you will explore the territory of the Monastery and visit the Trinity Cathedral, the Cathedral of Assumption and Spiritual Temple of the Trinity-Sergiev Lavra.

  • Moscow is a contemporary metropolis and the capital of Russia. Its history starts in 1147 when the prince Yury Dolgorukiy founded a small outpost on the bank of the river Moscow. During the tour you will admire the view from the University square of the Sparrow Hills and see all main landmarks of the city: Red Square, embankment of the river Moscow, monument of Peter the Great, Novodevchy convent and Christ the Savior Cathedral. You will also visit the Moscow Kremlin with its mighty walls and towers, gold-domed churches and ancient «Terems» (wooden towers) that proudly rise above the river Moscow making a unique architectural ensemble. You will see the churches of the Cathedral Square, Patriarchal Chambers with the church of 12 Apostles, The Tsar Cannon and The Tsar Bell, Senate and Arsenal buildings.

The cost of such an event from 1130 euro per pax (in groups from 30 pax)

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