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Golden Ring 5 days

“Golden Ring” is one of the most famous and attractive touristic itineraries for travelling in Russia. This is a chance to travel into the past and get to know the architectural and spiritual heritage of Ancient Russia. There are many ways to get acquainted with the towns of this itinerary – by train, by bus or on the ship, short or long tours. In this program we offer you to acquaint with the main towns of “Golden Ring” for 5 days without haste and to immerse into the atmosphere of Ancient Russia. You’ll visit a Forge-museum, a unique workshop, preserving and developing traditions of the art forging of Vladimir region; drop into the white-stone church of the village Kideksha – the object of the world heritage of UNESCO; get to know with Rostov enamel “Finift”, which was valued in Ancient Russia as gold and silver; make a boat cruise on the river Volga, one of the largest rivers in the world.


  • Departure to Suzdal (224 km)
  • Check-in at the hotel ****


  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Sightseeing tour of Suzdal with Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius, Nativity Cathedral, Suzdal Kremlin and Museum of the Wooden Architecture visits
  • Lunch in a local restaurant
  • Departure to Kideksha (5km) with the Church of Boris and Gleb visit
  • Return to the hotel


  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Departure to the village of Bogolubovo (36 km)
  • Bogolubovo monastery visit and a stroll to the church Pokrova-na-Nerli
  • Departure to Vladimir (11 km)
  • Sightseeing tour of Vladimir with the Cathedral of Assumption, the Dmitry Cathedral and Golden Gate visit
  • Borodin’s Forge-museum visit with master class (making souvenirs) with Samovar tea – drinking
  • Return to the hotel


  • Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out.
  • Departure to Kostroma (186 km)
  • Sightseeing tour of Kostroma with Ipatiev Monastery visit
  • Departure to Yaroslavl (83 km)
  • Sightseeing tour of Yaroslavl with Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery visit
  • Volga river boat cruise (1 hour)
  • Check-in at the hotel ****


  • Breakfast. Check-out
  • Departure to Rostov Velikiy (57 km)
  • Rostov Kremlin, Finift Museum and Spaso Yakovlevsky monastery visit
  • Departure to Sergiev Posad (139 km)
  • Visit Trinity-Sergiev Lavra
  • Return to Moscow

Bogolubovo Bogolubovo Vladimir Vladimir. The Golden Gate. Kideksha. Rostov Velikiy. The Kremlin. Sergiev Posad. Suzdal. The Kremlin. Suzdal. Yaroslavl Vladimir. Rostov Velikiy. Suzdal. Suzdal. Wooden architecture museum.
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  • Suzdal is a real open-air museum, founded in the 10th century. It is located on the picturesque shore of the river Kamenka. Here on the territory of 9 square kilometers there are more than 200 unique landmarks of Ancient Russia. You will visit the Nativity Cathedral with surviving frescoes of the 13th century, Bishops' Chambers of Kremlin, Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius (14th century) and white-stone Church of Boris and Gleb in Kideksha built by Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1152. Also you’ll have a chance to visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture, which consists of 18 sites of wooden architecture of 18th – 19th century, built by Russian carpenters practically with the axes only.

  • Bogolyubovo village is a former residence of the prince Andrey Bogolyubsky. Here you’ll visit Svyato-Bogolyubsky female Monastery, built in 1158. The monastery occupies the territory of the Palace of Andrey Bogolyubsky – the only civil building of pre-Mongol Russia that has survived to our time at least partially. Also you’ll take a stroll to the church Pokrova-na-Nerli (12th century) considered to be one of the most Russia’s spectacular sacred places. It is included into the list of the UNESCO world heritage and accepted as architectural masterpiece.

  • Vladimir is a sample of white-stone architecture of Ancient Russia. It is situated on the steep bank of the river Klyazma. Founded by Vladimir Monomakh in 1108, Vladimir still carefully keeps three survivor monuments of pre-Mongol architecture that you will visit during your sightseeing tour: the Cathedral of Assumption (1161 year), which was often compared with the Cathedral of Tsar Solomon in Jerusalem by the chroniclers of that time, the Dmitry Cathedral, famous for its white-stone carving, and Golden Gate – the triumphal arch, guarding the entrance to the prince's part of the city. At the end of the tour you’ll visit Borodin’s Forge-museum, a unique workshop, preserving and developing traditions of the art forging of Vladimir region.

  • Kostroma is one of the biggest jewelry centers in Russia and one of the main towns of the «Golden Ring». The town is known as the homeland of Snow Maiden (Snegurochka). It was founded in 1152 by Yury Dolgorukiy in the place of the confluence of Volga and Kostroma rivers. Here is located the gem of the town – Ipatiev Monastery. As the legend says it was erected in 1330 at the direction of Tatar Mirza Chet (the ancestor of the noble Godunov family) in gratitude for the miracle healing. This monastery is considered to be the сradle of Romanov's House as in 1613 it became the place of election of the first tsar of the Romanovs dynasty.

  • Yaroslavl is the capital of the “Golden Ring”. Its historical center is the object of the world’s heritage of UNESCO. Founded in 1010 Yaroslavl is really priceless for connoisseurs of religious architecture. Several dozens of churches of different periods have survived there. The most extraordinary and beautiful of them is the Church of Elijah the Prophet and the Assumption Cathedral. The tour wouldn’t be complete without Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery (12th century) visit, where the Museum-Reserve is located. It keeps the treasures of sacristies of Yaroslavl monasteries and churches, tsars’ donations, pieces of jewelry of the best masters of the medieval period.

  • Rostov Velikiy is one of the most ancient towns in Russia which dates from 862 year. Today it is called the cradle of authentic Russian architecture. It is also considered to be an orthodox capital and a real treasure of the “Golden Ring”. During the excursion you’ll visit the Rostov Kremlin that is situated on the shore of Lake Nero. There are more than 180 thousand valuable artifacts in its museum. Among them are ancient icons, coachers’ sleigh bells, a throne cross (16 century). Here is also located the largest collection of “Finift” (enamel) in Russia – about 2.5 thousand of miniatures of 18th – 20th century. You’ll explore Spaso Yakovlevsky monastery founded in 14th century. It combines different architectural styles – classic, baroque and pseudo-gothic. The panorama of the monastery is one of the best views of Rostov Velikiy.

  • Sergiev Posad is one of the spiritual centers in contemporary Russia. Its heart is the Trinity-Sergiev Lavra. The first Father Superior of the monastery Sergiy Radonezhsky was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church and became one of the most venerated Russian saints. Architectural ensemble of the courtyard was created in 15th – 19th century and it represents a combination of different styles. During the tour you will explore the territory of the Monastery and visit the Trinity Cathedral, the Cathedral of Assumption and Spiritual Temple of the Trinity-Sergiev Lavra.

The cost of such an event from 470 euro per pax (in groups from 30 pax)

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